Education you can wrap your head around.

A good educational consultant can bring order and offer a definitive, successful approach to the college search, relieving much stress and anxiety.

What can an educational consultant do for you?

Discover what an educational consultant is and why you might need one.

Initial Consultation

The counseling process begins with a consultation. This meeting occurs in person and is the first step of the process towards counseling with your child.

Athletic Recruitment

I can help the student-athlete find the right fit academically, while conducting a parallel search for the right fit athletically.

Full-time Counseling

The Full-Time Counseling Program offers full-time attention with the college process, with unlimited access for both the student and parents.

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About Jim


My experience on both sides of the admissions and consulting process is deep, extensive and varied. I have worked in the college, university and private preparatory school setting for 35 years, always dealing first hand with the recruiting and admissions process. I have worked for two Ivy League Universities, a small college and one of the original college preparatory schools. Columbia University, the University of Pennsylvania, Union College and the Lawrenceville School share in common a tradition of excellent academics spanning many areas, campus activities and sports that rival any school of its kind in the country.

Ready to take control of your academic future?

Discover what an educational consultant is and why you might need one.

Jim Schaefer