Individual Counseling Fee
The individual counseling fee is a flat-rate, one time fee that covers the 90 minute meeting as well as time taken to create a personal approach for the individual student.
  • Flat Fee
  • One Time
  • Includes Personal Plan
Full-Time Counseling Fee
The Full Time Counseling fee is a flat-fee, full retainer program with a flexible process adjustable to a student’s individual needs. The fee is payable at the beginning of the process and lasting for a full year. $800 for each additional year
  • Flat Fee
  • Full Retainer Program
  • Flexible Process
  • $800 for each additional year
High School Presentation
This is the fee for an hour presentation at a high school and Q&A session. The talk will cover the basics of college recruiting from a college coach’s perspective and how it relates to the student-athlete.
  • Flat Fee
  • One Time
  • One hour presentation
  • Includes Q&A session
Jim Schaefer