Long-Distance Work

I do a good bit of my work outside of the New Jersey and Pennsylvania region. Through phone, e-mail and texting, I can communicate readily and easily with clients and their families throughout the continental United States.

Meetings are a bit different case, although I can accommodate meetings in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic states and even a number of Midwestern and Southern states. Meetings that are a great distance from home may be accommodated when I make a visit to colleges, universities or preparatory schools in your area in conjunction with an individual visit with you and your family.

Conversely, I am readily available to meet with parents and/or students during my aforementioned travels. In addition, I have had very successful collaborative relationships in the past with students and families I have never met in person. Communication will always be paramount, regardless of where you live.

Ready to take control of your academic future?

Jim Schaefer